Friday, 19 February 2010

Campaign Armies

The purpose of this campaign is to allow me to use all of the model soldiers in my collection over a period of time.

I have identical armies in three scales 6mm, 15mm and 28mm.

Composition of Armies
There are five allied armies namely Austrian, British, Prussian, Russian and Spanish.

There are also five French armies consisting of French, Bavarian, Baden, Polish and Westphalian

During this campaign all armies will have identical quantities of infantry, cavalry and artillery and similar orders of battle.

Composition of Corps
Each army will have four corps, and each corps will have one cavalry brigade, four infantry brigades and one artillery.

The fighting ability of each brigade will be adjusted by different classes of troops. Infantry will be further adjusted by skirmish and firing ability.

Orders of Battle
Complete orders of battle for each army and corps, and photographs of each army and each corps in each scale, can be found on the following blog:

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