Sunday, 26 April 2009

Campaign Aims

Campaign Aims

1 - to provide good tabletop battles

2 – to make use of all of our collection of model soldiers and scenery

3 – to fight battles of 4 corps per side with less than 200 figures per side

4 – to fight these battles to a satisfactory conclusion within 12 moves or 6 hours

3 – to provide a simple strategic campaign based on the 1813 campaign

4 – to provide a much more detailed tactical campaign leading to battles

5 – to be able to move from strategic to tactical to wargame and back with ease

The Campaign of 1813

This is NOT a historical campaign. It bears only a passing likeness to the historical campaign, and makes no attempt to follow the strategy or battles of the historical campaign.

This campaign has been chosen because all of the European nations of the period were involved.

The campaign covers the geographical area from Hamburg in the north to Gibraltar in the south, and from Paris in the east to Vienna in the west.

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