Sunday, 26 April 2009

Tactical Phase of the Campaign


The Tactical Phase is when at least one corps of each army is close enough to engage in a formal battle.


The tactical map represents 4x3 squares of the strategic map.

Each square is divided into 3x3 squares, each of which represents a 2x2 foot wargames table scenic square.

Each map scenic square is numbered the same as the actual scenic square so that the wargames table can be quickly assembled.

One days movement is one strategic square.

One days movement is three tactical squares

One days movement is 12 wargame moves.

Therefore each scenic square represents one third of a days movement, or 3 wargame moves.


The same daily orders apply to strategic movement, tactical movement and first wargame movement.

However movement on the tactical map is done one square at a time, aggressive army moving first. When the two armies come within three scenic squares of each other the wargame table is set up using the terrain squares shown on the tactical map, and the game is fought.

At the conclusion of the wargame Strategic orders are written for the next day and movement carried out first on the tactical map and then on the strategic map.

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